Ghosts of convicts past and the butchering of Bambi.

Ghosts of convicts past and the butchering of Bambi.

Day 3 part 2 (Ghosts of convicts past and the butchering of Bambi)

… So as I mentioned previously the island has quite a murky past and as anybody that knows me at all will know – I’m an absolute history nerd I have a slightly morbid fascination for darker side of the stories. We had a cracking dinner rustled up by Aeg on the boat and as everyone seemed to be kind of sleepy I took my opportunity and tentatively brought up the subject with Aeg. He seemed quite reluctant about it but did say that if I wanted to go he would take me. Being of the mind that you don’t stumble across these things everyday I was down, Nate was keen too, and with the added lure of night hunting for the boys soon everybody except for Dennis was preparing to leave. Clambering into the dingy with the knowledge that we were the ONLY people in a long time to go to the area at night (the last being some locals who decided not to do it again) and the reassuring instructions from Aeg that under no circumstances were we to “run or scream”, and that we must make sure that we had appropriate respect for the area we were going into – we were off.


It was absolutely pitch dark when we turned left at the end on the pier. The boys (excluding Aeg) of course thought it was all a load of hocus pocus, clutching their spears and giggling like school boys, but me and Charlotte armed with my Lara knife and a flash light, were terrified. Aeg made sure there was a formation of two two and two, and we made sure we were in the middle. We carried on into the night, and came to a little wooden bridge that marked the entrance of the whole area that had once been the prison complex. I was feeling ok, you could definitely feel that the atmosphere had changed but I didn’t feel too unnerved. Charlotte on the other hand was getting progressively more freaked out, and when Nate went leg deep through a plank of mouldy wood on the bridge I felt my arm grabbed and she was absolutely adamant that it was a sign and we definitely shouldn’t go on. Of course we went on. And although I wasn’t freaking out too badly it was undeniably creepy, signs with information on what happened were dotted sporadically around, and old buildings, half reclaimed by the jungle loomed out like shadowy bad memories from the darkness. The creepiest by a long shot was the hospital, which had no doors left and an old bed frame still sat in it (where Nate tried to kill me by jumping out on me and giving me a mild heart condition) and the ‘punishment’ hut, which looked something like a small brick air raid shelter with a tiny entrance where people were left for days in the sweltering heat. Other punishments also included being left out in the sun for 10-15 days, or being made to carry giant wooden crosses in their backs, many also died from disease. The buildings that were left Aeg was sure we mustn’t go into, so there was alot of peeking into things and small beams from flashlights glinting on to the past.





After seeing it all and taking thousands of pictures (all of which were packed with orbs incidentally) we were on our way back with Dustin being a true gent and still standing behind us when everyone everyone else had given up on the formation. We made it safely back on to the dingy and headed off to a nearby island where it’s ok to hunt animals.The action started way quicker then we could of imagined. A gorgeous little Mousedeer was spotted off the side of the path and before there was time for the word ‘cute’ to float into your head, it had taken two direct hits from Aegs slingshot and the third sent the unfortunate mite flying through the air like a little furry bowling ball. It was quickly finished off by my Lara knife (NOT by me by Nate) and hidden in some foliage to be collected on the way back. We trekked around without any success until on the way back suddenly the worlds most lethal slingshot came out again and without warning a little snake maybe just under a metre long had taken two hits to the neck, breaking it and leaving it, quite frankly, fucked. The decision was made quickly to cut the head off as we have a policy of not wasting a single bit of anything we kill, but it was still so gross as after the head was off the mouth was opening and closing on its own and the body twitching and twisting frantically. I have to say I struggled to watch that one, but my good old morbid fascination kept me there, especially as we could hear a noise that sounded like rainfall and it turned out to be thousands of giant ants immediately swarming round the head. Deciding that was enough for one night we collected dead Bambi and I nearly murdered Caz who was behind me cheerfully swinging the body of the snake which then hit me in the back of the leg leaving a blood stain on my calf. Grim. Piling back into the dingy we made it back to the boat and watched as Nate boiled Bambi IN OUR RICE COOKER before scraping the hair off and gutting it (vile, Disney movies will never be the same for me again) and then skinning the snake and putting the meat in the freezer. The skin is still marinating in a pot of salt which is apparently the thing to do with it, according to Aeg who as I mentioned before is the font of all knowledge.




I’d also been feeling a little sting in my toe, but not really bad enough for me to do something about it. In fact it only came back to my mind when I took my shoe off and saw that my foot was covered in blood – that was still coming out. Upon closer investigation I found just a tiny tiny hole and some slime and it was only when I looked in my shoe and found a giant swollen LEECH in there that the culprit was discovered. Needless to say I was hysterical and fighting nausea the whole time I was furiously scrubbing goo out from between my toes and marinating them in alcohol.


With that out the way and with quite enough blood guts and ghosts for the night, we all hit the sack and once again slept like logs.

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