Who am I?

Hello! My name is Niki (because I don’t believe in excessive ‘kki’s’ ‘cky’s’ or ‘cki’s’,), or Sponge because I’m very absorbent when it comes to feelings, water and jäger although I will also answer to Bedson, Bedders, Dave, or Do You Need Help? I get my heart broken on a regular basis, so the little teeny bit that’s left I’m very protective over and will probably bite you if you try to get too close. I’ve spent a lifetime making and consuming alcohol ( although me and whiskey are currently on a break) building lives that I’ve fallen in love with only for them to crumble horribly round my feet by allowing those I shouldn’t to mean too much to me – which is my cue to pack a bag and toddle off into the unknown. I then tell my stories to those that care to listen and I draw a little bit too. I have a small problem with weeing in public when I laugh too much, otherwise known as ‘wibbling’ so if you ever see someone crouched on the floor crying with laughing and weeing at an airport, on a boat, in a bar, on a bed, on a bag, or occasionally in mid air – don’t judge them too harshly, it’s not something we can help (I have met others). When I’m stressed I smoke like a chimney when I’m not I prefer to twos. I’m terribly bad at geography (Ireland’s not attached to Scotland, who knew!?) but I have a history degree, yaaa! There’s a few places in the world I love to be, those particularly being south east London, Crawley, half way up a mountain in Arrowtown NZ, anywhere my beautiful friends and family are and most 7 11’s. Life for me is stories, telling them, hearing others, making them and learning from them. Travelling has shown me angels and demons, the good the bad the weird, but as Henry Miller so aptly put ‘The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware’ and that’s exactly what I would like to be privileged enough to keep on doing.

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