….AND GO GO GO (Days 1 and 2)

….AND GO GO GO (Days 1 and 2)

After being plagued by what seemed a never ending and various stream of set backs that were bringing the whole team down slightly, finally on the 12th July more then a month behind schedule and naturally in a raging storm we set sail at approximately 7am. Not in the best of shape after going mad for it on a bondage night for my last night at work, and soaked to the bone from the monsoon, it wasn’t how I’d envisaged finally leaving the island, but we were off none the less. Me and Charlotte (who was in a similar state from the night before) decided it would be wise to sleep the first few hours off, which was lucky for us because the boys had a terrible time of it with a sail ripping within an hour and Nate nearly going overboard.

Waking up feeling slightly perkier we found ourselves at the delightful Koh Ha, where the weather had simmered down enough for us to leave our room and have our first crack at fishing off the side of the boat. Not being inherently good at these things I snoozed over my rod and had a chat with Dennis whilst Charlotte managed to catch three Trigger fish on her first time. After that interlude we sailed to Koh Rok, enjoying the theme parkness of the giant waves hurling us from one side of the boat to the other. Finding shelter in Koh Rok we moored up and the boys went spear fishing for dinner. Dustin didn’t get anything, Caz blew up a puffer fish just to be a wanker, and Nate Grylls of course managed to nail a Grouper, a Bat fish and much to his delight a little sting ray. The sting ray was such a cute little guy I felt bad, but he undeniably tasted great and we ate like Kings that night, so thanks to you little fishsters. Me, Dusty, Charlotte and Caz sat up listened to music and sank a few Changs before all passing out.


Day Two.

A solid seven hours of sailing to Tarutao, where Aeg had some friends waiting for us. Me and Charlotte sat at the front of the boat and traded our horrible histories whilst getting wind burn for 4 hours, and I realised that sailing: is awesome. After hearing stories of people going insane at sea/dying of sea sickness/getting eaten by pirates (Colin Griffen) I’d had some reservations, but at that moment I knew I was going to be fine. It’s just you, your friends, the sea and you really realise as stupid as it sounds that the ocean really is BIG. And on days like we’ve been having, delightfully peaceful, especially after the whirlwind that is Phi Phi. Anyway as everyone knows I’ve always been fond of a nap and me and Charlotte had a most enjoyable little snooze as the afternoon went on. It was nearly dark by the time we arrived and met Aegs charming government friends who were moored up to the nearly deserted island of Tarutao. After a dinner of egg toasties and pasta it was time to explore. Although strictly not allowed the boys were keen to do some night hunting, and we of course wanted to come along too, so armed with two spears and some flashlights we set off into the pitch dark, uninhabited jungle. As you walk along the pier you have the option to turn left or right at the end and our guide Aeg was absolutely adamant that we were not to go left, and seemed reluctant to even discuss why – which naturally piqued my interested and I managed to squeeze out of him murmurs of ” 700 dead people, bad place and I went once….” Before trailing off. More on that later.

Our escapade was unfortunately or fortunately as you look at it unsuccessful for the boys in terms of catching tomorrows dinner, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. First of all Aeg gave me his super cool knife which comes with it’s own sheath that attaches to your leg and you can click it out whenever you need to. My inner Lara Croft was unleashed and as we walked along stealthily looking for the glow of eyes in the dark you can’t help but get swept up in the thrill of the hunt, of course I would never have killed anything but I did take out a few leaves and twigs to warm up my killer instinct. The other awesome thing was the thousands of glow worms up in the trees, the most enchanting little guys they sparkle away like natures fairy lights, giving you the warm and fuzzies just looking at them twinkling serenely without a care in the world and for me they made the whole 8km, half pissed, trek worth it. Finally on the way back, Aeg who is an absolute fiend with a slingshot, let me and Charlotte have a go at aiming at some floating stuff in the water. It’s way more tricky then it looks and after a few feeble attempts we decided to leave it to the pro, and exhausted we all made it back to the boat and slept like logs.


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