A Moment With a Monkey

A Moment With a Monkey

I had a really strange incident with a monkey today. So on the corners of the streets here thai people stand with monkeys in nappies and stupid outfits and sometimes lizards and stuff and you pay to have a photo with them. I’m always sad when I see them coz I hate what they’ve done to them and want to rescue them, so I never pay them any attention. Today we walked past and there was abit of a hold up next to them and as I was standing this little hand came out of nowhere and just gripped my wrist. Now this is unusual in itself coz normally they’re so drugged or scared they just sit there and don’t move, but what’s more unusual is that I sensed him reaching to touch me before he did and I wasn’t looking in that direction until something made me look round just in time to see this little paw round my wrist. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt a monkeys hand, but they’re beautiful, really really soft and velvety, like the pads on a cats paw but softer, but they’re quite strong coz they’ve got little fingers you know, and he held on to my wrist really tight, I could feel each one of his fingers and joints, and we kind of locked eyes… My friend said after that my face went from total indifference to full on bambi eyes in like one second and she was also like that was so weird, you could like see the connection between us…. And I felt like I loved that monkey so much and at the same time I felt my heart break a little bit, and the guy holding him shouted at him and pulled his hand off but he kept looking at me as I walked away. I will find that monkey again, and I will steal it. Haha. 

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